Lab Grown Diamonds


At Niya K, we pride ourselves on offering our customers a wide range of choices when it comes to their jewellery purchases. Our bespoke process is driven by our passion for design and as jewellers we hope to cater to each of our customers requirements.

Lab Grown (or Lab Created) Diamonds are a recent addition to the jewellery universe. They are made in a laboratory by mimicking the same natural process that occurred under the Earth’s crust billions of years ago. These diamonds have the same physical and chemical properties as Natural Diamonds and therefore look identical. Only advanced testing can separate the two.

But it is important to know that Lab Grown Diamonds are not the same as Natural (or Mined) Diamonds as they lack the heritage that Natural Diamonds have built over billions of years. It is best to consider them as separate members of the wider gemstone family, each having their own unique advantages. Lab Grown Diamonds cost significantly less than Natural Diamonds and do not have the same environmental impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Lab Grown Diamonds and how do they differ from other gemstones that look like diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds are synthetic diamonds that are created in a laboratory instead of being created under the Earth’s crust billions of years ago. These diamonds have the same chemical composition as natural diamonds, they are developed from a diamond seed and are visually the same as mined diamonds – only specialized testing equipment can tell them apart! They are also referred to as CVD diamonds, man-made diamonds or lab-created diamonds.

They should not be confused with diamond simulants that such as Mossanite and Cubic Zircon which look similar to Natural Diamonds but are not chemically the same element and do not have the same fire and sparkle.

How are Lab Grown Diamonds created?

There are two different technologies: High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT diamonds) and Chemical Vapour Disposition (CVD diamonds). Both techniques use extreme pressure to separate carbon atoms from other minerals/gases and add them on to a diamond seed that is grown layer by layer. The final product is a “rough” diamond, similar to those found in diamond mines. From that point on, these man made diamonds need to be cut, polished and distributed in a similar way to mined diamonds.

What kind of Lab Grown Diamonds are available and do they come with certificates?

Lab Grown Diamonds are available in all the same shapes, colours and clarities as Mined Diamonds. The 4C’s is the best way to start exploring them and figuring out which are best for you. However, as this is a relatively new product, there are less options available than mined diamonds, especially in large sizes and higher qualities. Just like mined diamonds, lab created diamonds can also be sent to an independent laboratory such as IGI or GIA for certification, which will give all the information about the diamond and state whether the diamond is man-made or mined. At Niya K, we provide certificates for all our diamonds over 1ct.

Can Lab Grown and Mined Diamonds be mixed?

The industry is working hard to make sure that Lab Grown Diamonds are sold with full transparency so that customers do not get confused. At Niya K, we work with ethical suppliers of both Mined and Natural diamonds, and have our own testing equipment (GLIS 3000) to differentiate between them. All our larger diamonds come with certificates from independent laboratories that state the origins of the diamond and our invoices fully disclose its specifications.

How do I decide if Lab Grown Diamonds are right for me?

Diamond mining is a complex process and has several social and environmental impacts. The diamond industry has taken huge leaps forward in trying to ensure very high ethical standards throughout the pipeline (conflict-free diamonds) and reduce their carbon footprint. Lab grown diamond manufacturers claim they avoid these issues and thus are a more ethical choice, despite the large amounts of energy required to grow diamonds. If you love diamonds but are concerned about the origins and environmental impact of diamond mining then lab grown diamonds can be considered as an alternative.

Lab Grown Diamonds are on average 30-40% lower priced than mined diamonds which gives you an option to upgrade your size or quality.

However, it is important to note that lab created diamonds do not have the same heritage as mined diamonds and maybe perceived differently. Being a new product, there are fewer choices available and there is no established re-sale market for Lab grown diamonds.

We believe it does not have to be an either/or question. You can choose to use different diamonds for different pieces of jewellery. At Niya K, we will work with you to provide options and create a beautiful piece of jewellery.